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At Yoosys we understand our clients needs beyond their technical challenges. We cater to enterprises across multiple industries, building solutions and relationships that last. Our extensive experience in various industries and like education and learning services, public sector, e-commerce, and food delivery and always keeps us at the forefront, working for the most digitally mature organizations across the globe. This enables us to come up with state-of-the-art solutions in any sector. We provide you with tailored solutions that solve challenges and create new opportunities

~ Our Focused Industries ~

Education and Learning

Our society is changing fast. In order to be able to respond to these changes, innovation is crucial. The education and training world is no exception: teaching methods are changing and innovative forms of teaching are being introduced. The advantages of e-learning are that student can work at their own pace. Yoosys Solution Pvt.Ltd. has a broad experience in designing and developing e-learning modules. Yoosys offers you expertise on digital learning, graphical design and e-learning development.

Logistics and Transportation

We offer comprehensive, tailored solutions for companies in logistics and transportation. From software architecture design and application development to consultancy around system optimization helps you deliver.

Public Sector

Key systems for public services are in excellent hands with the world-class engineers and specialists at Yoosys.By providing the highest quality technical solutions and resources, we have been the trusted partner. We work vendor-agnostic and offer both commercial and open-source solutions that meet your needs and exceed expectations.

Food Delivery

Online food ordering is a part of todays culture. People order food delivery and enjoy their meal with minimal effort. Our web agency shares why it's worth offering online food delivery and how to create a food delivery website that raises customer-satisfaction sky-high together with your sales. The global pandemic has given an extra boost to food delivery services. Customers have appreciated the convenience of online food delivery from restaurants, food stores, and courier services that will keep the trend after the restrictions are over.


A game changer for the economy E-commerce has transformed the way business is done in India.With attractive and convenient shopping options at the core of the consumer facing business, the e-commerce industry offers the power to create innovative, sustainable, consistent and seamless shopping experience across all channels. Build the product you need on time with an experienced team that uses a clear and effective design process.


A wise man said health is wealth and we have realized the same in year 2020 during the situation of covid-19 pandemic. With our busy work schedules and lifestyle, we forgot what is importance of health and that is why healthcare is the most neglected industry in India. This is high time that we utilize most advanced technologies in various sectors of healthcare /hospitals and make life easier for both customer and service providers

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